Chemidor Salaf is a full service oilfield supply company specialized in manufacturing and exporting Diesel supplements base of condensates, Cutter stocks (Heavy oils) ,Recycled base oils ,motor oils ,Hydrolic oils and different degresing liquids for leather industries has established since 1999 in Salafchegan Special Economy Zone.(S.E.Z)

Chemidor Salaf has a strong commitment to provide high quality products, premium service to customers and have been exported more than 65000 M/T of production to UAE, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Armenia, Singapore, Tajikistan and South Africa since 1999. CDS with its knowledgeable and experienced management and also efficiency personnel frequently had been introduced as the best manufacturer and exporter in Iran. We have a strong focus just U.A.E African and Indian markets, we know there are extremely competitive markets and we search to build our reputation on our abilities to meet any condition to force our company expansion, we are currently seeking for good lubricants manufacturer to build a long term relation.